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    "Today's a warm up for tomorrow"

    Cris Gherman was born in Romania, Transylvania, in 1975. At the young age of 16, Gherman left home and began his life's adventure living and working in different countries around the world. During his travels, he picked up many odd jobs along the way including construction, restaurants, nightclubs and even fishing.

    It was in 1995, at 20 years old, that he began tattooing. From that point forward, his path in life focused on a career in tattooing.

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    Cris Gherman Tattoo Artisit / Artist

    Tattoo artist, painter and musician born and raised in Transylvania, Romania.  He has tattooed in Romania, Spain and currently works in Dublin, Ireland.  Cris bought his first tattoo machine in 1995 and the rest has been history.  

    Artistic influences include bio organic, realism and surrealist works.  His other passions include his children, music, travelling, attending tattoo conventions and experimenting with new artistic techniques.

May 06 2012

In 2001, Cris became a full time artist in a tattoo studio in Dublin, Ireland. In 2002, along with his fellow tattoo artists, he left in pursuit to open their own studio. In 2009, he opened his own studio, "13 Fat Catz" in Dublin.

Gherman is known for both his realism and hyperrealism style of tattooing and most recognizably for hie eye tattoos, which he received 4 awards for at tattoo conventrions last year. He has won awards for "Best Color Large Tattoo" and "Best Chest Tattoo" at the Great British Tattoo Show. He also won third place for realism at the Aarhus Tattoo Convention in Denmark and "Best Sleeve" at the Dublin Tattoo Convention. His work can also be seen in a number of tattoo magazines.

Gherman is inspired by all mediums of visual art, including painters, photographers and tattoo artists. Some of his artistic influences include Salvador Dali, H.R. Giger and Paul Booth. In addition to tattooing, he spends he time painting in both acrylic and digital mediums, draws, makes music and travels extensively. Gherman has live in 6 countries, travelled to over 15, and speaks 4 languages fluently (Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish and English).

Gherman's motto is "Today's a warm up for tomorrow."

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Cris Gherman tattoo artist Dublin

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