Cris Gherman was born in Transylvania, Romania. At the age of sixteen, he left home and began his life’s adventure of living and working in different countries around the world. In his travels, Cris picked up many odd jobs, in construction, restaurants, nightclubs, and even fishing. It was in 1995, at twenty years old, that he first began tattooing.

In 2001, Cris became a full-time artist in a tattoo studio in Dublin. In 2002, he and some fellow tattooists left together to create their own independent studio. In 2009, Cris opened his own operation, 13 Fat Catz, also in Dublin. In 2013, he moved to New York City to join Paul Booth’s Last Rites. Currently, he works out of his private tattoo studio in downtown Manhattan, but still travels the world to attend conventions.

Cris is known for his realistic and hyperrealist style of tattooing (and most recognizably for his tattoos of eyes), for which he’s received four separate awards at tattoo conventions. He has won awards for Best Large Color Tattoo and Best Chest Tattoo at The Great British Tattoo Show. He also won third place for realism at the Aarhus Tattoo Convention in Denmark and first place for Best Sleeve at the Dublin Tattoo Convention. Cris and his work have been featured in a number of renown international tattoo magazines.

Cris is inspired by all mediums of visual art, including painting, photography, and sculpture. In addition to tattooing, he spends his time painting, both in acrylic and digitally, drawing, making music, and traveling extensively. Cris has lived in six countries, traveled to over twenty, and speaks four languages fluently (Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish, and English).

Gherman's motto is "Today's a warm up for tomorrow."

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Today Is A Warm Up For Tomorrow

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